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one of the hotels near LondonLondon is a beautiful place to visit. Whether your travels take you to this lovely city during the warm weather or during the winter season, there is plenty to see and do for the average visitor. Hotels near London and around it can be tricky to find at the last minute, so here is an overview of a few top rated hotels near London city as well as some very popular bed and breakfast accommodation facilities.

In Bayswater and Hyde Park area, providing a nice hotel accommodation in London is the mission of the London Guards Hotel, which sits just near Paddington Station. This beautiful tower holds one of the finest hotels near London city. It is located next to Royal Albert Hall. It is one of the most popular hotels near London for foreigners to lodge, as they handle a large amount of traffic from American visitors. It is in close proximity to other great tourist attractions as well, like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

The Gore is located right near Bayswater and this four star hotel accommodation in London is a beautiful and iconic place to lodge. It is also near to Kensington, as well as lying in close proximity to Queens Gates to Hyde Park. It is also the official hotel to the Royal Albert Hall. It is one of the most photographed and romantic locations in the city. In short, it is a welcome change from the regular corporate chain hotels near London. a hotels accommodation in London

When looking for a hotel accommodation in London or bed and breakfast near London that puts you on the pulse of the city, the Hesperia London Victoria provides it all. The Hesperia is a lovely hotel located adjacent from the Victoria Rail Station. It is less than a kilometre away from the Westminster Cathedral, as well as Trafalgar Square.
Right in the heart of Kensington sits the Eden Plaza, one of the most popular tourist hotels near London city. It is located across the street from three of the most prestigious museums in the city, The Natural History Museum, Museum of Science and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

If you a guest to central London and you’ve ever dreamed of staying at Buckingham Palace, you can come close by lodging at The Athenaeum, a five star hotel accommodation in London and apartment building near the palace itself. It is a luxurious experience that is unique to this area of London.